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Ruprict – carnival owner
Carnov – bald, mustached strongman

Against the Undying

Kogan – first appeared as a dwarf, later revealed as the son of orc warlord Uruth Ukrypt III, banished from his home, now reincarnated as a half-elf
Maya and Adinaun – drow elves, allied with party against the Undying
Palarandus – gold dragon, seen fighting a large orc army
Lord of the Undying – poor young fellow taken over by the Undying, defeated by party

Black Claw Reborn – group of allied humanoid clans, headed up by three mysterious figures (turned out to be mind flayers)

The Isle of Dread

Myra of the Hawk – matriarch of the village of Tanaroa
Huita – Zombie Mistress
Doran – Huita’s brother, rescued by party
Ahdani – strongest warrior of Rakasta tribe
Zhara – elder of Rakasta tribe
Korliss, Tyrantmaw Tamer – Lizardman paragon
Magazadu, the Green God – green dragon who rules over the entire Isle, defeated, and polymorphed into a lizard man
Andros A deva, an angelic being captured ages ago and freed by the party


Renaer Neverember – son of the Lord of Waterdeep, represents his father
Khondar “Ten-Rings” Naomal – head of the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors
Stedd Ulbrinter – head of merchant’s guild
Gelfizz Plankspanner – eccentric gnome wizard, Wyn’s “partner”
Oni – priestess of Selune, rescued by party, now high priestess in the temple of Selune

Nasher’s Tavern – Wyn and Gelfizz live here
Arcane Emporium – traded magic items for teleportation here
Standing Stones – Gilan’s coffee shop and tavern


Unnamed halfling and his wife – helped party, missing one cow
Iarno – evil clone of Glasstaff from another world, defeated by party
Mysterious archer – fled fight, left magical bow and gloves behind

Solarium – Iarno was drawing power from the sun here


Nandro Rockseeker – flamboyant, flashy, amiable dwarf
Tharden Rockseeker – older, wiser brother of Nandro, rescued by party
Redbrands – gang of thugs causing trouble in Phandalin
Iarno (The Glass Staff) Albrek – Leader of the Redbrands
Stonehill – owner of the best inn and tavern in Phandalin
Wester – townmaster of Phandolin
Lena – orphaned young lady whose older sister, Lyla, was murdered by the doppleganger
The Black Spider – mysterious entity behind the scenes, drow elf, recently slain

Cragmaw Castle – Home to a large goblin force attacking area settlements
Redbrand Lair – a cave just outside Phandalin, the Redbrand gang headquarters
Wave Echo Cave – location of the Lost Mine of Phandelver, as well as the rumored Forge of Spells


Annalyn – widow, freed from goblin captivity
Enthron – hired Jillia and Parios, murdered by a doppleganger
Garen Whiteshield – old Knightish fellow
Kogas – The Dancing Blade owner, rumored former pirate
Morgian – evil cleric of disease god Moander

The Dancing Blade – tavern and inn in Leafside
Ruins of Tresendar Manor – lair of Morgian, an evil priest and goblin lackeys

Other NPCs:
Agatha – banshee, answers questions for those she deems worthy
King Grol – leader of the goblins at Cragmaw Castle

Main Page

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