Tales from Leafside

In Which a Frog gets a Little Barbarian in Its Throat

After a quiet night’s rest, Wyn contacted Jillia for an update. The paladin seemed totally jealous of Parios’ new suit. The repair bot was able to fix the power armor, but it required a recharge. The group spider climbed up to the top level and walked to the security HQ to plug in the armor.

The friendly neighborhood medical android announced that Brue had unfortunately perished. She revealed that the crystals attached to Parios and Jillia were symbiotic parasites. Continued use of the crystals would cause sickness. Options for removing the crystals included amputation or use of radiation. The group opted for the latter, and headed to a radioactive area of the ship.

Thereupon, they met a group of vegepygmies. Parios and Gilan unleashed lightning down the narrow corridor, slaying four instantly. Six more appeared from the surrounding rooms, and they were quickly dispatched. Jillia and Parios stood near a glowing blue liquid leak, and were sickened. They gritted their teeth and endured until the crystals fell off, withering into small pieces. Gil eagerly snatched the crystals up, tossed them in an old potion bottle, and restored the two elves to a full measure of health.

The power armor restored, the group headed back down to the alien forest, following the advice of the telepathic plant. Their goal: the small island at the middle of the lake, where a passage further down the ship lie. Skirting the edge of the forest as long as possible, the group was amazed at the strange fauna. Jillia shot and killed an innocent beakless bird thing, that totally wouldn’t have laid eggs in her skin. They also noticed an abundance of adorable rabbitoid critters.

About halfway down the path leading to the center island, Jillia spied a hurt rabbitoid on a tree stump. Perplexingly, she decided to shoot it. In response, the tree stump attacked her, revealing a large body and tentacles hidden around. A pack of dogs did a good bit of damage to the tree-like foe, but a well-timed blight spell from Silas is what finally felled it. No “I am Groot” jokes were made.

With the dog pack in the lead, the group crossed the bridge to the island. Opposite a central pond was Power-Cthulhu, observing the group through a strangely impervious glass tube. A titanic froghemoth rose from the pond, and immediately attacked. With one mighty croak, the horror slew all the doggies. Parios power jumped onto the beast’s back, aiming to cut off its eyestalk, but his plan didn’t quite work. With a lucky strike of its tongue, the froghemoth drew Jillia close before biting and swallowing her. Thinking quickly, she opened one of the gas grenades everyone had forgotten about and Supertoad spit her out.

A group of vegepygmies appeared, wreaking havoc and exploding into poisonous spores when slain. Sword strikes, laser beams, fireballs, lightning bolts, and more wolves were sent at the froghemoth, but it didn’t fall. Power-Cthulhu emerged from the tube and hovered over, taking potshots at the casters in a blatant attempt to break concentration.

Nearly overcome by its wounds, the froghemoth managed to swallow Parios, power armor and all. Power-Cthulhu zapped the group with a lightning bolt of his own, and attempted to befuddle Silas, who was raining down fiery death from across the battlefield. A final bite from a wolf was enough to slay the froghemoth. Parios emerged from the carcass, angry at having his kill shot stolen by a lousy mutt.


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