Wyn Wakeley

Human Paladin (Rogue/Wizard)


Magic Items:

Breastplate +1
Flails +1, count as finesse weapons

Quaal’s Feather Token (Anchors a boat for 24 hours)
Trident of Fish Command
Bag of Beans (8 beans, unextinguishable campfire)


Wyn Wakeley grew up on the streets of Waterdeep as an orphan. He managed to survive thanks to his talent for pick pocketing and petty theft. As a teenager, he had developed a working relationship with a halfling fence named Elmton.

One sunny afternoon as a teenager, Wyn spotted a gnome in fancy robes walking through the merchant district, and attempted to swipe the rather large purse of coins the gnome carried. As soon as Wyn touched the purse, he was zapped by an arcane shock and became paralyzed. The gnome, Gelfizz Plankspanner, was delighted to see that his latest invention worked, and took Wyn in as a protege.

It turned out that Gelfizz had ties to a marauding pirate band, working for them as an inventor/arcane specialist. Wyn took to the pirate life, using his rogue skills alongside his newfound talent for spells of illusion to develop an intimidating persona as a pirate known as the Red Wake. Due to his success, Wyn was given command of a ship of his own, with Gelfizz at his side. They had many exciting adventures, and were the most profitable ship in the fleet of their leader, the dread dwarven pirate, Gimmund Thunderblade.

One fateful night, Wyn’s ship was attacked by a dragon turtle. The boat went down, along with most of the crew. Only Gelfizz and Wyn were left alive, thanks to a strange, rubbery, donut-shaped device Gelfizz that magically filled with air on command. Afloat in the depth of the Sea of Swords, Wyn saw the moon hanging in the inky black sky, and resolved then and there to change his life for the better. Praying to his patron goddess, Selune, he abandoned his pirating ways and decided to serve Selune as a paladin. He and Gelfizz were rescued by a spectral dolphin, sent by the moon goddess herself.

In the time since, Gelfizz and Wyn left Waterdeep for the more distant lands surrounding Neverwinter. He is constantly mindful of being captured by Gimmund, who is not happy that two of his most valuable followers have abandoned him. Wyn tries to do as much good as he can to make up for his days as a pirate. He is extremely protective of Gelfizz, and has an innate distrust of dwarves due to the bad blood between himself and Gimmund.

Wyn Wakeley

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