Elf Barbarian


Magic Items:

Lightbringer, Greatsword +1
Cap of Water Breathing
Tyrantmaw Tooth: once per day, use frenzy without suffering a level of exhaustion.
Ring of Invisibility


When I was a child I can remember my parents and family we were happy. They were common parents of a Kagonesti child. Then the war of the lance started I was a young elf by this time. Then they were taken me. As I was walking home my family one day all walked away from our home their eyes completly white. My mother whispering “magic help…….” Then she was silent just walking away. In front of my family a dark cloaked figure with a smile of death. The figure about to do a spell on me I ran then tripping and falling down a rocky hill nearby I fell about to fall uncouncious. Hearing laughing saying “Guess I wont need him then just a young rat”then utter blackness.

Later awake I vowed to find my familys captors. So I trained… I was very fond with a elven great sword. But I found I was a little more barbaric then the other Wild Elves (as we are sometimes called). So when I was finally ready I set out to find my lost family. Traveling across Ansalon I tracked my familys captors. But to find there slave master was a corrupted dark elf. This old elf was cruel to my family as I learned. When I finally found him after months of tracking I found out to my dimay… He had killed them ruthesly. Fueled with a barbaric rage I hunted faster then I could I have ever dreamed. Then I found the old elf. Killing his followers I confronted him. He saw my face reconizing me from long ago.Knowing what was comeing he just sat waiting. He was old and could do nothing to defend himself. It had appeared he had grown very ill. With the last honor I could find inside I gave him a swift quick death. So my family being avenged I now travel the road. Waiting for what destiny has for this Barbarin I wait…….

Parios is a very strong muscular wild elf barbarian. He has Elven rune tatoos on him and he has a rusty chain mail chestplate. He has a elven great sword that belonged to his grandfather. He has a black-fured cloak with leather boots. Black hair and hazel eyes

Parios is an elf with honor. But like most barbarians has a temper. But he never leaves his allies behind. He will do his best to protect those allies if there cause serves his cause as well


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