Tales from Leafside

Session 8

Unleash the Kraken!

Unleash the Kraken!

The party was rescued by the Moon’s Mercy, but a storm picked up, a whirlpool started, and then eight kraken-tentacles surrounded the ship. The party fought them off, but then some octopus-head broke through the bottom of the ship and the tentacles returned. Parios went rage-mode, Jill shot arrows at everything, Silas used some new magical scorching ray, and Gilan cast lightning bolt in its mouth. They eventually fought it off, but the ship got pulled into the whirlpool.

A three-hour cruise…

The party woke up on the remains of the ship, but in an unfamiliar tropical area near an island. Wyn, Gilfizz, and a couple red shirts survived with them. They landed on the island late in the day and took a short rest before they made camp. A crocodile attacked in the evening, but they fed it and it went away.

The next day they found a couple fisherman. They were tanned, tattooed and scantily clad. Their names were Skipper and Gilligan. They spoke common, were enamored with Jillia’s ears, and took the party to their village.

The village was in a clearing on the edge of a jungle, but it was separated from the jungle by a 50’ wall. Good fences make good neighbors. There was a pyramid in the middle of the town. All of the villagers were armed, and the older ones had more tattoos.

The party went to see the chief, Myra of the Hawk, who was pretty useless. They also went to talk to Huita, the Zombie Mistress, and asked her some questions about zombie stuff. Found out her brother, Doran, went into the jungle a week ago and went missing. Huita offered to call a town meeting if the found her brother.

The party went into the hot, steamy jungle to find Doran (I wonder if he has a ring). They found a bay of crocodiles and avoided them. They made camp and got attacked by a pack of apes, killed a few and the rest ran away. They finally got to the stinky, swampy tar pits in a clearing.

They found a body in the tar, Parios pulled it out. It wasn’t Doran, it was a lizard man. Gilan talked to a snake, who told them almost all of the humans were killed, and the rest were taken to a camp in the east.

That sounds like a crappy idea…

The party started to head toward the lizard village and found an enraged triceratops. They sent the zombies to distract it while the party tried to escape. The zombies got trampled by the triceratops, but two allosaurus came out of the jungle and tried to eat the trice. One of the allosaurus noticed the party and attacked. Everyone tried to kill the allosaurus, except Parios, who tried to ride it. Parios’ prospective mount got burned to death by the Druid.

The party tried to flee after from the enraged triceratops after killing the allosaurus. Silas cursed it and webbed it so they could run, but Parios doesn’t understand fleeing, so he uprooted a tree and smacked it. Gilan threw a ball of fire at it, catching the webbing on fire. Silas killed the triceratops with the spider staff. The party went through the trice’s stomach for loose change and found poison berries that make dinosaurs go crazy. Gilan kept some to make some wine later.

The party continued on and encountered seven Rakasta riding saber tooth tigers, led by a Rakasta named Ahdani. The Rakasa offered to lead the party to the lizard men if they beat them in a contest to recover saber tooth tiger cubs. The party agreed, and tried to parley with the tigers, but the tigers attacked anyway. Gilan used faerie fire and the rest of the party destroyed the tigers, except the last one, who ran away after Gilan yelled at it.


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