Elf Thief


Magic Items:

Frostbringer, Longbow +1

Upgrade: Upon uttering a command word (“Nir-eht”, or “pierce many”), when Jillia draws back the bowstring, magical copies of her arrow appear beside her drawing hand. When she releases her arrow, the copies fan out in a spray alongside it. Each enemy in a 15’ cone is attacked by an arrow. Roll each attack separately. Normal weapon damage (no sneak attack bonus applies) is dealt to each target hit by an attack.

Also upgraded to shoot arrows that appear as they are coming from the opposite direction?

Cloak of the Manta Ray
Dagger of Venom
Bow of Distraction


When I was a young wild elf, I lived peacefully in a small home with my parents. When I got older, I noticed that I would disappear suddenly for days at a time without knowing. It wasn’t that I was alone for those days, but rather, there were unexplainable holes in my life. I would go to sleep and wake up, a week having passed. My parents dismissed it, but everyone else seemed to notice my absences. I soon found out that my parents had been drugging me to go on high risk burglaries. When I confronted them, they offered to have me join them. At such a young age, the excitement sounded to good to pass up. So I became their apprentice. Since then, I have become skilled at being a cutpurse and locksmith. My weapon of choice is a longbow. I’m on my own now and I run a store in a small village by the mountains that turns into my shop for stolen goods by night. I still steal my own items to contribute to the up keep of my store. I have since needed to place its ownership in the care of someone else after a man came into my shop and threatened my business. He offered secrecy in exchange for helping him on a different kind of job.


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