Human Druid


Magic Items:

Wand of Magic Missiles
Staff of the Arch Druid
Dinosaur Hide Armor +1:The dinosaur hide armor functions as a set of studded leather armor +1. Once per day, as a reaction, Gilan can trace the runes on the chestpiece to allow advantage on a saving throw against an attack with the fire, cold, or lightning damage type. When the runes are activated this way, the armor loses the +1 bonus until the next dawn. This ability can only be used once per day.


To an outsider, Gilan seemed rather out of place in the tavern. His features seemed middle-aged, but the gray streaks in his brown hair and beard hinted that he was older than he looked. Occasionally, he casually held out his gloved hand and generated a small whirlwind that danced on the bar for a couple seconds before vanishing. He always wore the glove on his right hand. It was rumored that it covered a severe burn, from an accident he suffered during his druidic training.

Gilan sipped the last bit of cider from his cup and gently dismounted the barstool. He reached under the collar of his earth-colored hide armor and removed his neck purse. He took out a small coin, laid it on the bar, and walked toward the exit. The bartender waved at him as he scrubbed the morning dishes. Gilan waved back, and adjusted his club and buckler as he walked across the creaky tavern floor to the exit.

He took a deep breath as he exited the door and met his customers, a pair of travelers in need of a guide through the nearby wilderness. It was uncommon to see a druid working for hire, but his business was important. Gilan had been around town for several months. Townsfolk said he took jobs as a guide to help Ms. Brach pay her debts. He also tended the garden at Ms. Brach’s orphanage. Neighbors said they sometimes heard him lecturing the rabbits and crows to stay away from Ms. Brach’s vegetables. At first people thought he had lost his mind, until they noticed the animals never damaged her garden.

Gilan certainly never kept many of the coins he earned. Other than a few bits, he traded favors for the things he needed in town. Mostly, the villagers accepted his finely carved wood and bone tokens when he needed something. They symbolized a favor he owed that person. Some people said he never refused a favor to anyone who possessed one of the tokens, which were mostly carved with the faces of a bear, but sometimes other animals. However, in reality, he had declined requests, and the rarity of the token probably determined the lengths he would go to repay his debt.

Most people had no idea of Gilan’s history, beyond what they had seen in the last few months. He was obviously an accomplished survivalist. He was an okay shot with his bow, which was rarely wielded by a druid, but he easily wielded his club and buckler. He certainly wasn’t the strongest man anyone had seen, but he had a impressive constitution. His customers commented that he could run effortlessly all day, and into the night. All of these traits were impressive, but his healing skills were even more impressive, mostly because they were so uncommon in these times.

His healing skills were a boon to most of the townfolk, particularly his friends. Unfortunately, the local charlatans and confidence artists hated the druid. Most had moved on after he exposed their counterfeit snake oils and potions, but a few seemed determined to find a way to turn the town against him.

Gilan turned around just in time to see the messenger, Zak, walk up to him. Zak smiled as he handed Gilan the note, then walked away. Gilan opened the letter, took out a wooden token and used it to scratch his gray-streaked brown beard as he considered the contents…


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