Tales from Leafside

In Which a Frog gets a Little Barbarian in Its Throat

After a quiet night’s rest, Wyn contacted Jillia for an update. The paladin seemed totally jealous of Parios’ new suit. The repair bot was able to fix the power armor, but it required a recharge. The group spider climbed up to the top level and walked to the security HQ to plug in the armor.

The friendly neighborhood medical android announced that Brue had unfortunately perished. She revealed that the crystals attached to Parios and Jillia were symbiotic parasites. Continued use of the crystals would cause sickness. Options for removing the crystals included amputation or use of radiation. The group opted for the latter, and headed to a radioactive area of the ship.

Thereupon, they met a group of vegepygmies. Parios and Gilan unleashed lightning down the narrow corridor, slaying four instantly. Six more appeared from the surrounding rooms, and they were quickly dispatched. Jillia and Parios stood near a glowing blue liquid leak, and were sickened. They gritted their teeth and endured until the crystals fell off, withering into small pieces. Gil eagerly snatched the crystals up, tossed them in an old potion bottle, and restored the two elves to a full measure of health.

The power armor restored, the group headed back down to the alien forest, following the advice of the telepathic plant. Their goal: the small island at the middle of the lake, where a passage further down the ship lie. Skirting the edge of the forest as long as possible, the group was amazed at the strange fauna. Jillia shot and killed an innocent beakless bird thing, that totally wouldn’t have laid eggs in her skin. They also noticed an abundance of adorable rabbitoid critters.

About halfway down the path leading to the center island, Jillia spied a hurt rabbitoid on a tree stump. Perplexingly, she decided to shoot it. In response, the tree stump attacked her, revealing a large body and tentacles hidden around. A pack of dogs did a good bit of damage to the tree-like foe, but a well-timed blight spell from Silas is what finally felled it. No “I am Groot” jokes were made.

With the dog pack in the lead, the group crossed the bridge to the island. Opposite a central pond was Power-Cthulhu, observing the group through a strangely impervious glass tube. A titanic froghemoth rose from the pond, and immediately attacked. With one mighty croak, the horror slew all the doggies. Parios power jumped onto the beast’s back, aiming to cut off its eyestalk, but his plan didn’t quite work. With a lucky strike of its tongue, the froghemoth drew Jillia close before biting and swallowing her. Thinking quickly, she opened one of the gas grenades everyone had forgotten about and Supertoad spit her out.

A group of vegepygmies appeared, wreaking havoc and exploding into poisonous spores when slain. Sword strikes, laser beams, fireballs, lightning bolts, and more wolves were sent at the froghemoth, but it didn’t fall. Power-Cthulhu emerged from the tube and hovered over, taking potshots at the casters in a blatant attempt to break concentration.

Nearly overcome by its wounds, the froghemoth managed to swallow Parios, power armor and all. Power-Cthulhu zapped the group with a lightning bolt of his own, and attempted to befuddle Silas, who was raining down fiery death from across the battlefield. A final bite from a wolf was enough to slay the froghemoth. Parios emerged from the carcass, angry at having his kill shot stolen by a lousy mutt.

Dead or Alive, I'm Sucking Your Brain

The adventurers checked out a room inside the security headquarters, and found a skeleton slumped over a metal table. Jillia promptly shot it with an arrow. Jillia was unable to unlock it a nearby cabinet, but the red key card she had pilfered from a defeated police robot opened it. Inside, they found a rotted uniform decorated with some ptentially valuable medals and gems. More importantly, they discovered a suit of power armor. Parios claimed the power armor for himself, and managed, with Silas’ help, the figure out how to work it.

The group made their way to the west ladder/escalator. The man-sized elven power armored barbarian levitated down the tube with Jillia in his arms. Silas cast Spider Climb,, not trusting the escalator system, and he and Gilan used his magic to get down.

The group took the first exit, and found thick vines blocking the exit to the nearby hall. Gilan produced a flame, and the vines went up quickly in the conflagration. More vines blocked the extensive hallway, which led to an enormous walkway that stretched to the left and right. A low wall revealed open air in the middle of the level. Parios took a few lumbering steps forward, but, a vegeygmy (VP) appeared, spewing a cloud of pollen all over the party. Their eyes watered and stung but they resisted the poison. While they were distracted, five more VPs appeared. Ever ready for a rumble, Jillia moved to attack before Gilan could enact his preference to parley with them.

Silas webbed three of the VPs, then Gilan cast a flaming sphere on them. The combination was quite effective, and the air was filled with clouds of VP smoke. The party quickly dispatched one of the VPs, reducing him to a pile of mulch. Another tried to use his claws against the Druid, but Gilan tanked it like a man-sized elf and the VP missed every time. Silas pulled out his trusty spider-staff, smacking a VP on the head with a resounding thud. One of the VPs threw pollen on Parios, and this caused the force field on his power armor crashed like a Soundblaster card. The barbarian was mildly zapped by the malfunction.

In the midst of the battle, a new foe appeared. Gilan nicknamed the imposing opponent “Power-Cthulhu”, but Silas recognized it as an illithid, commonly known as a mind flayer. “Power-Chtulhu” levitated over the wall and cast lightning bolt on everyone, to great effect. The party fought tooth and nail with the VPs and “Power-Chtulhu”, culminating in Gilan’s summoning of pair of giant eagles. Silas tossed out fire left and right, Parios managed to break his new armor, and after many misses, Jillia finally zapped a VP with her newfangled laser pistol. “Power-Chtulhu” charmed one of the eagles, using it to fight the other/ Eventually, when it was clear the VPs were going to be destroyed, “Power-Chtulhu” floated down beyond the wall and disappeared.

In hot pursuit, Parios trusted his broken armor completely, floating over the wall. “Power-Chtulhu” was nowhere to be found. Looking down over the wall, the group saw a large, lush forest, teeming with life. Various pathways around the edges of the vegetation led to an island in the middle of a small lake.

After a short rest, the party found a map near the escalator tunnel, and Jillia decided to go clubbing. Finding little but old bottles, the party decided to go back to the escaladder, taking it down to the forest level. More strangle-vines greeted them,, and this time Gilan talked to them. The vines revealed there is a dangerous giant in the water, so naturally the party immediately went that direction. They came to a cleared area with stone benches on the path that reminded Parios of his far-off homeland. Jillia laughed when he “got something in his eye” and blamed it on pollen. A patch of jumping corkscrew grass tried to kill Silas, but Gilan burned it all down.

Parios, and eventually the rest of the group, was mentally contacted by a wicked-looking plant. The plant offered assistance in return for being transplanted outside in the natural sunlight once again. Parios agreed to take a part of the plant, with the plant’s consciousness contained therein, and this smallish vine twisted around the barbarian’s arm.

The plant revealed much to the party. it warned them not to touch the tri-flowered plant. The plant explained that the “cave” was actually a vessel that came from a distant star. The human crew were turned into VPs by a strange reddish brown mold. The vessel crashed into the mountains here decades ago. Many creatures could have escaped since the ship crashed. Recently there was a great earthquake, and there has been much more activity in the “cave” since that time.

Following advice from the plant, the group retreated to a deserted area of the level, an old storage facility in the southernmost point, near a broken escaladder. A friendly repair robot attempted to fix some of the damage to Parios’ power armor, and the group took a well-deserved long rest.

In Faerun, No One Can Hear You Scream

The group awoke from their slumber just outside the carnival caravan, having seemed like they hadn’t seen one another for months. Traveling with Wyn and his merry band of men-at-arms, the group encountered a large slug-like creature. Gil cast a spell and communicated with it, learning via one word answers that it was infected. The mighty defender of nature cured the poor beast with his magic.

One of the men-at-arms, a bat-obsessed, darkly clad fellow named Bru Swane, summoned bats to scout the area. The strangely not-nocturnal creatures found pools of glowing goo that lead the group toward a mountain. While en route, Jillia revealed the group that Wyn gave her an earring that lets her contact him once per day, for seven days, and also enhances her hearing.

The group arrived at mountain and found and an open metal door leading to a strange cave. Inside, the party found a room with metal walls, as well as a metal sphincter that gave Parios a shudder, and a pit with ladder rungs on either side. On one of the walls, the party found a map with foreign words. Silas used his magic to read the map, and the party went to one of the closest rooms.

Inside, they found odd wood and metal boxes with shiny triggers that made strange noises. Jillia inspected one of the boxes, which made strange lights on the apparently magical mirror mounted atop it. The elf lass found it disturbing and attacked it with her rapier. She assaulted it for a moment, merely chipping the glass, then “borrowed” Silas’ gauntlets of ogre strength and use them to destroy the box, which was full of small black bricks and tiny wires.

Continuing her assault/investigation of the area, Jillia found a strange bracer with more triggers, attached to another box with a cable. She put it on, pointed it at the screen, and more strange lights on the magical mirror. Parios found a strange circular disk, attempted to force it in every slot in the room, and, upon failing, pocketed it for later use.

The party moved on and found a strange locked door with a black strip around the edge, but couldn’t get it open. Consulting the map again, the group headed toward the middle of the mountain, to an area marked as belonging to the constabulary. An area of dense fungus was discovered on the way to their destination. Gil spoke to it via magic, and a particularly talkative mushroom revealed that there were no other humans on the ship, but that the party would be in danger from “the masters” as they were made of meat and blood.

Ever quick to see the hidden, Jillia spotted a woman’s body on the floor up the hallway. As Parios and Jillia approached, the woman stood, pointed a strange metal rod at the two elves. Bursts of yellow energy flew out toward the two, burning the walls next to them.

The party, including their new friend Bru, jumped into action to fight the woman, suspicious that she was an odd golem or automaton of some type. Sparks erupted and she melted as they beat upon her. Finally, spurting smoke, the woman’s strange, skinny, shiny guts poured out when she crumpled to the ground.

Immediately after the strange golem fell, Parios grabbed the weird metal rod the woman had wielded, pushing every button at the same time. The only effect was to cause yellow energy to strike him right on the nose, completely paralyzingly the barbarian temporarily. While the man-sized elf drooled uncontrollably, Jillia grabbed the device, thinking she would totally be able to figure it out. She was wrong! Twisting it too hard, Jillia broke the rod. A strange disc fell to the ground as the device cracked in half. On the ground nearby the fight, Jillia spied a shiny, rectangular piece of black metal.

Somehow, the party decided that it was Parios’ turn to call the shots, and he led the group toward the central room on the map. More mushrooms appeared, including a large 3 footer that screamed until Parios sliced it in half with his axe. Four barrel-shaped golems appeared, waving claws and tentacles around. Silas’ spell of translating languages was still working, and he interpreted the odd sounds for the rest of the heroes. “Security alert!” was the main idea, and the barrel-things insisted that the party return to the guest area. No amount of persuasion worked, since no colored key card was available as proof. The barrel bots escorted the party toward the “detention area,” stopping at the medical area on the way. A female golem offered to heal anyone who needed it, and, entranced by the offer, Bru was sneak attacked by a crazy golem with bladed fingers.

The dentist (what’s a dentist? Who knows!) robot (Who knows!) tried to remove Bru’s organs with its claw-like hands. Parios led the charge, beating the arms off the bot until it mostly exploded. Afterward, for unknown reasons, they left Bru with the robot nurse to be patched up.

Gil hatched a cunning plan to avoid a confrontation with the barrel-shaped robots. He summoned a pack of cheetah-wolves, sending them down hallway. Three of the bots went in hot pursuit, whereupon Gil filled the hallway behind them with a wall of stone. The heroes made short work of the remaining security bot.

The party hurried down the hall to the police station, parlaying with the sole guard bot therein, who insisted on seeing the appropriate keycard. As time was short on the wall of stone, swords, magic missiles, ice arrows, and flaming beams were in order. From the wreckage of their foe, Gil recovered a fancy wrist bracelet blaster like the one Jillia had used earlier. The stealthy elf carefully removed a red key card from the destroyed bot, perhaps unwisely giving it to Parios for safe keeping. The barbarian put two and two together, using the red keycard to open a chest, which contained another wrist blaster, four weird discs, two strange masks, and twelve gas canisters.

The Undying are Poorly Named
August 2016

It seemed as if it had been several months, but in fact, it had been just a few moments since the Lord of the Undying had fallen before the party in battle. The floor was covered in black, sticky ooze, a residue left behind when the youthful Lord and his legions had been defeated.

A rattling hum, loud and familiar, filled the room. The goo all over the room began to waver and move, collecting itself near where the Lord of the Undying fell. A tremendous blob of reeking ooze grew out of the sludge, sending tendrils out at the intrepid heroes. Gilan and Wyn were caught fast in the whiplike appendages, while Jillia, Parios, and the strangely silent Flabbergast managed to avoid it.

Wyn was the first to act, and managed to disentangle himself before moving in. Two of his three flail strikes hit true, but they didn’t appear to be doing much damage. FG shot off a scorching ray or three, and Parios rushed up, riling himself into a rage-filled frenzy. Gilan, sorely wounded, cast a spell of healing over everyone, but Jillia missed her first arrow strike.

The blob responded by exploding out another huge lot of sludge, largely undoing the good accomplished by Gilan’s healing. Wyn remembered to actually cast his best spell, and called for Selune’s blessings over his friends. The flaming sorcerer did what he did best, tossing a 6/8ths effective fireball at the ooze. Parios, of all people, remembered that the living crystals helped in these situations, and used his to create a massive pointy ended stick (very creative). He poked it but good, Gil summoned some doom puppies, and Jillia hit the blob right where its eyes would have been.

Again, there was an earth-shaking explosion of gunk, and somehow, the ooze had shifted form into an enormous armored knight. Uncowed by such a dangerous foe, the group pressed on, and eventually the flails, magical crystalline boats, doggies, fireballs, and arrows were enough to defeat the ooze entirely.

With the assistance of the living crystal creatures, some of the details of the overarching plot were determined. The Undying were suffering from a disease from another plane of existence entirely, and the crystals were sent to help stop them from destroying the Realms. The crystals revealed their capabilities for altering time in a limited fashion.

Weary, the group decided to take some time off. After a three month hiatus, they met in Leafside, where they had begun their adventure many months before. Silas, long missing, was found in the same place he had been at the beginning: looking for clues to his family’s disappearance. Parios claimed amnesia, while Jillia spent the time helping Lena, the poor lass from Phandolin who had lost her sister and then been infected by the Undying. Gilan was quite productive, setting up a lucrative coffee and ale shop in Neverwinter to help replace the lost income due to the massive casualties from the mine at Phandelver.

Wyn was absent, but left a message, along with one of Gilan’s tokens. The group headed to Neverwinter, to the temple of Selune, to meet Oni, now a high priestess, as well as Wyn.

Oni recruited the group to investigate the appearance of strange creatures along the road between Triboar and Waterdeep. Wyn produced a hand, humanoid, but plantlike, as evidence. Oni explained that the paladin and a large group of men at arms would patrol the area, offering protection to travelers, but the group was the have the freedom to seek out the cause of these odd invaders and some other strange occurrences.

The group was delighted to find a traveling carnival just outside the town of Triboar. Parios proved his superiority to a giant bald strongman named Carnov. Jillia, at Gilan’s behest, wagered Parios himself vs. a half stake in the carnival with the owner, Ruprict, a seedy fellow with small hands who stank of cabbage. After the normally eagle-eyed archer missed with the first dart, they went double or nothing, and ended up winning. Parios was not amused, but everyone else was.

After an evening of drinking coffee/ale with Ruprict, the carnie showed the group the latest acquisition in his freak show: the body of one of the strange invaders, preserved in brine. The corpse was mostly wood, with leaves and mossy “hair” all over. Thorny claws appeared dangerous, and a perplexing brownish dust gave one overall impression: this was something no one had ever seen before.

Reports of fallen trees and strange, luminous puddles of slime sent the party south to investigate. After questioning a squirrel, and using the collected woods lore of the elves and Gilan, plus Silas’ knack for investigation, the heroes tracked down an enormous, sluglike creature, with a plated underbelly, a wicked maw of teeth, and several tentacles in addition to eyestalks. And there, the adventure ended… for now.

April 2016 Session
Of Morals and Magic Tomagatchi

The session began right in the middle of the action. Wyn and Parios, having rushed towards the minotaur, were stuck in a patch of magic mud. Wyn managed to pull himself free, and with three quick strikes and a brief invocation to Selune, managed to provoke a reaction from the black-furred creature: “Perhaps this will be a fight, after all.” Flabbergast created a wall of flames, roasting the minotaur, one of his wizard flankers, who disappeared in a puff of smoke, and several of Gilan’s fluffy friends. Glowing blue arrows, sounding like they came from one set of trees, but actually shooting out of another, harassed the party.

Jillia stayed around the edges of the fight, looking for open shots, but her aim seemed to be off. The minotaur used his wicked axe to strike both Wyn and Flabbergast, who had unwisely run into melee range with the towering, menacing foe. FG cast a fireball, dropping the magical burn on the minotaur, the nearby wizard, and more unfortunate puppies. Enraged, the minotaur applied his axe to FG’s chin and the oddly tanky sorcerer fell unconscious. Wyn, after taking out the enemy wizard, was similarly dropped.

Meanwhile, Parios, fully enraged himself after being stuck in the mud for two rounds, moved in to attack the minotaur. Gilan moved up to heal the fallen FG, while Jillia struck true with her arrows. The second wizard, who had previously disappeared, now showed back up. Parios struck the minotaur with his mighty sword, but it was FG, now upright after Gilan’s magical aid, that slew the beast, using overpowered scorching rays. Gilan sent a flaming sphere into the trees, smoking out a fellow wearing one of the curious crystals. The second wizard fled, and the group decided to call it a day and recover.

Using a comprehend languages spell, Wyn listened to the hums of an unattached crystal. Lo and behold, the crystal was a sentient being, from some other world. (You got science fiction in my fantasy!) The crystal promised assistance (“we help, undying must be stopped”), and provided information about how to care for one as a symbiotic pet. Most importantly, the crystals could be used to track the other crystal wearing fellow who had fled earlier, a lead to the source of the Undying.

Upon tracking their prey through the forest, a cunning trap was laid, but Wyn stepped on a woodland creature while sneaking around. The crystal bearer fled, but fortunately Parios applied some wresting moves and restrained him by sitting on him. The fellow’s name was Gulak, and he was a member of the Black Claw Reborn, the group of humanoids that the group had run into before. (And by run into I mean “killed the leader’s son and reincarnated him as a half-elf”). Gulak mentioned the Council of Three, the mysterious enemies in charge of the Black Claw Reborn, and the group decided to avoid the Council. After a vigorous debate and a sermon on morality from Wyn, the party let Gulak go, seeing as how they were all working to a common purpose after all.

This thread having run its course, the group fell back to their previous plan, heading to Phandolin in search of clues regarding the Undying. Upon arrival, Jillia scouted ahead, noting that the entire town was overrun by Undying. They traveled in packs, often led by what appeared to be small children! The undying did not seem to respond to her in any way. After reporting back, Jillia and the rest of the group headed to the temple in the center of town (the source, according to the friendly crystal).

Gilan cast a spell, proving his mastery over nature, and opened a door into the back of the temple. Sneaking inside, the group came upon a large room with a throne in the center. Sitting on the throne was what appeared to be a ten year old boy, with a black orb in a pendant attached to his chest. The group attempted a diplomatic solution, but the creepy kid wasn’t having it.

FG decided to innovate by dropping a fireball on his face. Gilan use a spell to remove any magical effects on the so-called Lord of the Undying. Parios flew into a rage and moved to engage in melee. He hit twice, but the baddie seemed to be resistant to his strikes. Jillia shot true, and her shot was also less effective. Wyn prayed for Selune’s blessing on the party. The Lord spit up a nasty black ooze on everyone, and summoned a horde of Undying to assist him.

Gilan had just the trick for the situation, and summoned a cage of thorny vines, blocking the entrance. In their mindless haze, several Undying walked into the thorns and quickly fell. Jillia perforated the Lord of the Undying, and then Parios had the greatest idea of his life: he used his crystal symbiote as a wicked blade, and shanked the Lord kid three times. It was extremely effective, and prompted Wyn to do the same, though the paladin eschewed a knife in favor of crystal knuckles. After a few rounds of heavy punishment, the Lord of the Undying fell, and all the Undying turned into more strange black ooze, though the crystals seemed to repel it.

January 2016 Session
In Which We Are Flabbergasted

After a restful sleep beneath the spread branches of Gilan’s magically created tree, the party met a strange young sorcerer, who was screaming in a panic. A large crystal, which changed in color from time to time, was attached to his hand. The sorcerer introduced himself as Flabbergast, but he was promptly given the nickname FG since Flabbergast takes a long time to say and even longer to type.

Gilan and Jillia began to hear the strange, high pitched noise again, and this time, it almost sounded like the song of an otherworldly creature. Following the odd song led the group to a clearing, where another crystal rested on the ground. After some ill-advised investigative techniques were applied, the crystal burst with magical force that knocked the adventurers back through the air.

Kogan, the “dwarven merchant” asked the group for help, as the cart full of his wares was stuck in the mud again and his pet ogres were too dumb to do it. Kogan used slight of hand to grab Parios’ periapt of wound closure, but Jillia’s keen eyes saw it and she forced him to return the magical jewelry. Growing tired of Kogan and his shenanigans, the party showed the “dwarf” the strange crystal, with predictable results. Now, the crystal was stuck to Kogan, and this angered the “dwarf” enough to draw a wand and launch a fireball at the party!

The man-sized elf, strangely calm, got the first hit in on Kogan. Jillia delayed in order to find a better shot, but the combination of Wyn’s whirling flails and divine smite was enough to drop Kogan. (Dat pally dps tho.) Kogan’s body shifted to his true form: an orc. Someone remembered to search him for loot and some rather nice stuff was found.

Wyn put two and two together, and confronted Maya and Aidon, the drow allies, who had mentioned to Kogan “you’re not fooling anyone” the night before. Wyn persuaded them to come clean and reveal what they knew. It turned out that Kogan was the son of an orc king, but had been banished from his home for unknown reasons.

After further discussions with the dark elves, who were heading to infiltrate the orcs, the group decided to head to Phandolin to follow up on some clues in Lyna’s diary. Further searching through Kogan’s wagon was fruitful. Jillia took a Dagger of Venom, Parios a Ring of Invisibility, and FG snatched a Wanf of Fireballs from out of Wyn’s hands. Gilan and Wyn carried the remaining items: a Lodestone, a Bracer of Charming (not paired, unfortunately), and some dead birds. FG teleported the group to Neverwinter. At the sorcerer’s guild there, it was revealed that the strange crystals (one had attached to Jillia at some point, the details are fuzzy) were not magical, but living creatures. An interesting development!

Back at an inn, Gilan cast an impressive spell and reincarnated Kogan as a half-elf. After questioning, the former dwarf/orc revealed that he had left his father, Uruth Ukrypt III, after a disagreement over his father’s willingness to follow a strange purple-clad group called the Council of Three. The Council were the ones behind the orcs, goblins, and giants working together. Kogan also told what he knew of the strange, black-oozing foes the party had encountered. They were not undead, they were merely soulless animates, and were led by someone called the Lord of the Undying. The hordes of the Undying were south of Waterdeep currently, but heading ever further north. Due to his willingness to cooperate, the group let Kogan go, but kept his magic items since he had tried to kill them and all that.

Hiring some horses, the adventurers headed south to Phandolin. On the road, they encountered a magical mud that hindered their way. A trio of figures appeared in the distance, and as they approached, their evil intentions became apparent. Wyn cast a spell of protection over the lass Lyna, and uttered a prayer seeking Selune’s guidance. This revealed that there were three beings of celestial origin in the area: the crystals themselves! One of the enemies approaching, a huge black-furred minotaur wielding a set of familiar drow-crafted axes, seemed to also be affected by a crystal.

Parios headed off toward the trees in an attempt to hide. FG tried to banish the minotaur outright, but a spell from one of the minotaur’s two wizardly companions countered the sorcerer’s magic. Gilan summoned a pack of his famous furry friends and sent them to attack. Jillia launched an arrow at one of the wizards and her aim was true. Wyn attempted to engage the minotaur, but was restrained by the waist-deep magical goop, and had to resort to a minor spell. Parios charged in as well, and was similarly stuck, but managed to throw his lightning javelin anyway. A volley of arrow from the trees hit Wyn, ending his concentration, but the battle continues…

November 2015
Wow that was a long time ago

Upon stepping through the portal back home, the group was disoriented when they found themselves in a darkened room. Around their feat was a thick sludge, making it hard to move around. Wyn uttered a brief chant and summoned a small silver ball of light, revealing featureless black stone walls. The man-sized elf barbarian Parios and the paladin worked together to crack an opening in the ceiling. The remaining party members, Jillia and Gilan, heard a high pitched noise, a sound Parios and Wyn could not detect.

Climbing through the crack in the ceiling, the party realized they were in a small cottage. It seemed normal save for one thing: a headless corpse, covered in the same sludge that was in the previous room. The body appeared to be bloodless. Though perplexed, the group had little time to investigate further before war drums began to sound in the distance.

A huge battle between multiple factions spread spread across the wilderness just beyond the cottage. A legion of creatures, the shambling, animated remains of fallen warriors, was pressing against a group of humanoids. The latter group, including goblins, orcs, and the like, fought back fiercely against the decaying tide of undead. A handful of giants stood amongst the carnage, mowing through dozens of foes with sweeps of their massive clubs. Above the battle, the glinting wings of a gold dragon soared. The noble creature used its fiery breath to incinerate a large pack of enemies.

Among the carnage, the heroes saw a most unusual phenomenon: a swirling sphere of inky blackness that swept over the battlefield. This dark globe seemed to be under the control of a small group of hooded figures. The group felt it most unwise to enter the battle recklessly, and remained on the periphery.

As the battle raged on, the group met a dwarven merchant named Kogan, who was having some trouble with his wagon and got stuck behind the lines of battle. After a brief exchange, in which Kogan revealed himself to be an eccentric character indeed, the skies were covered by a greenish cloud, and acid rain fell over the battlegrounds, ended the fighting as each side retreated toward cover.

The heroes decided to camp near the cottage, with Kogan joining them. Gilan set his magical staff o nthe ground, and it grew into a mighty tree, shielding them from the still falling rain. As they ate their meal beneath the tree, two figures approached. They revealed themselves as Maya and Adinaun, a pair of dark elves. The party was wary of the drow, but after Maya used a forcefield to totally protect them all from the acid rain, they were willing to listen to the dark elf wizardess’ tale.

Maya explained that she and her companion Adinaun had been sent from the Underdark to investigate a series of battles similar to the one the party had witnessed earlier. The pattern seem ed to be random appearances by large groups of undead, who were opposed by organized groups of humanoids. These strange battles were spreading very quickly throughout the Sword Coast area.

The appearance of the gold dragon was somewhat divisive: Maya said the dragon was named Palarandus, a descendant of the Unseen Protector who had fought off an orc army years before. Kogan objected, and said that the dragon was evil. Maya called the dwarf out, and indicated that Kogan wasn’t what he seemed to be.

After this interesting exchange, the group camped for the evening. During the night, a figure approached: it was Lyna, the young lass the party had taken care of during their adventures in Phandolin. She had black eyes, and oozed black from her veins. Wyn attempted to communicate, but Lyna didn’t respond. Fearing she was diseased, the paladin attempted to lay on hands but it didn’t work and she began to attack. She was joined by a group of strange creatures. They had the appearance of undead, but when Wyn used detect undead, there was no effect on them..

Gilan called down multiple moonbeams on the creatures. Wyn, who apparently has a short memory, tried to turn the creatures, but nothing happened. Parios went into rage mode and began slaughtering his atatckers left and right. Jillia perforated them with deadly arrows, and eventually they all fell.

After the battle, Adin told the group the girl could be saved if Maya was allowed to summon a demon. Grudgingly the party agreed. They needed magic items to bait the demon. Hesitant to use their valuable magic weapons and items, the group asked Kogan for any items that might be in his wagon. He refused. Adin placed his magic axes in the circle of power, and the rest of the party followed his example.

Maya cast a spell and summoned a flaming demon. “Why have you summoned me again?” the fiery entity roared. Kogan foolishly attempted to grab some of the magic items, but Parios and Jillia moved to stop him. The dwarf managed to sneak a couple but Parios grabbed him and shook him down. Jillia then returned the items to the circle. The demon took the girl and poured flames all over her body. After a few moments, the fiendish thing put Lyna down and disappeared. Everyone grabbed their things before Kogan could take another pass at them.

The lass was still weak, so Gilan cured her wounds. The dark elf Maya revealed that her brother had suffered from the same strange ailment as the girl had. After a few moments, Lyna woke up and told the heroes she remembered nothing since Phandolin. In her diary, though, there were details…

October 2015 - Against the Green God

Lizard men charged the room immediately after the party rescued Andros, the deva, from his imprisonment at the hands of the snake demoness. Jillia shot the attackers with arrows, Parios used his trident to lightning bolt five who were running in a line, Silas unleashed burning hands on a pack, and Gilan summoned a pack of wolves (his trademark furry fireball). Andros gained health and power each time one died, until he fully regained his strength and quickly dispatched all the lizard men in a flurry of mace attacks.

The green dragon Magazadu contacted the party and ordered them to deliver his prize. The heroes arrived at the village to discover it had been destroyed. Other than a few elders and children, the only survivors were Myra and Wyn. The dragon attempted to charm them with his magic. The two of them had resisted the spell, but Plankspanner failed and the gnome fled at the dragon’s call Myra had been blinded by some lizard men ambushers, but could still direct the party to the lair of the Green God himself. Wyn went with them to rescue his beloved gnomish mentor, and Andros joined as well, knowing that Magazadu’s actions had disturbed the balance of nature on the Isle itself.

The party knew the fight was going to be epic, even with the deva’s help. Wyn called for a Selunne’s blessings, granting them all enhanced prowess in battle and a ward against poison. Gilan summoned a familiar wolfpack to prepare. Upon entering the lair, the heroes were greeted by more than dozen lizard men, with Magazadu himself lurking behind. As they charged in, the animated skeletons of Korliss, the lizard man king, and his Tyrannosaur steed rose from the floor, protecting his master even beyond the grave.

Silas webbed a pack of lizards while Parios used his lightning trident on a pack, causing them to spasm in pain. A pair of the lizards freed themselves from the web and moved toward Silas, a few half-fried lizards attacked the elven barbarian, and a group of the lizards flanked Andros. Andros adeptly smashed the lizards with his radiant cudgel.

Ever the noble paladin, Wyn charged toward the dragon, and Jillia shot her deadly arrows over Wyn’s shoulder at the green god. The wolves Gilan had summoned attacked Korliss, blocking his advance, while the druid himself hurled handfuls of fire at the giant undead lizardman.

Korliss slashed with skeletal claws at the wolfpack, destroying several that vanished back to where they were summoned, but eventually the undead menace fell to the furry onslaught. To the surprise of all, Magazadu cast an invulnerable dome on Andros, separating the deva from the party while also slashing four unfortunate lizard men into two equal parts. Just then, a blazing fireball flew out of nowhere onto Jillia and Silas, who were hiding among a forest of mushrooms. Parios finished off his pack of lizard men and charged the dragon in a frenzied rage, just as it roared and breathed poison gas on the entire party. The breath weapon triggered Silas’ retribution and a surge of dark energy scorched the dragon.

Gilan called upon the power of nature to dispel the bubble around Andros, and the freed deva charged in to aid Wyn and Parios as they slashed at the dragon. Gilan’s pack of wolves used their feral senses to find the invisible, charmed Plankspanner, who waved his hand and summoned a fire elemental from the burning mushroom forest. Jillia shot frozen arrows at the dragon between Wyn and Parios, and the warlock hurled eldritch blasts and fireballs that exploded off the dragon’s scales, gravely wounding it, but also scorching his comrades in the process.

The dragon, not expecting the onslaught, was scorched, slashed, burned, and beaten nearly into submission by the group of heroes. Its army and defenses had been defeated, and the coveted prize, the deva Andros, had escaped his clutches. The dragon was surrounded, and likely about to die, but the party wasn’t sure if killing it it would be a temporary solution. Magazadu was angry and desperate, and would surely be strong enough to take a few of the adventurers down if they fought him to the finish. Before Magazadu could unleash the unfettered fury of his dying wrath, Gilan stepped forward and offered to let the dragon live, as long as it agreed to relinquish its power and live among the humanoids on the island. The dragon wisely agreed, but only if it could assume the form of a lizard man. The party accepted these terms, and the deva channeled Chauntea’s power to transform the green god into a massive, but mundane lizard man. Magazadu tried to take his treasures with him, but Andros forbade it, and insisting that the party had earned the treasure as a reward for restoring the island’s balance.

Silas took a strange book, bounded in wrinkled, ancient leather, with what appeared to be a dried human tongue nailed to the front cover. The rest of the group took the best of the treasures, and Andros flew them back to the village of Tanaroa. There, the deva informed his rescuers that he would remain, as Chauntea had bound him to the village to assist and protect them until they could rebuild. He opened a shimmering portal back to Faerun, and the group stepped through.

June 2015 Session

The party walked down a hallway and came to a throne room with three lizardmen statues that animated when the party entered the room: a Mage, sword wielder, and an axe wielder. Gilan hit one with Faerie Fire and Parios charged in, raged, frenzied, and smashed one twice with lightbringer, wounding it. The lizards charged forward and the one with the axe shot a poison arrow at Gilan. Jillia shot them with arrows, Parios chopped them with his sword, and Silas shot eldritch bolts at them. The sword snake attacked Parios and cut him, causing Gilan to feel strangely. Gilan summoned a pack of wolves that surrounded the Mage lizardmen, then got attacked by the one with the axe. Gilan took a boatload of damage, almost dying, but shapechanged into a constrictor snake and wrapped himself around the lizard while his dogs tried to chew the lizardman to death. Just then, a strange blood-raged stare came over Gilan’s snake eyes and he transformed into a wereshark in front of the party. The bloodthirst overtook the Druid. He turned his glassy, shark eyes toward Parios momentarily, then chomped down hard on the last lizard man, who sunk an axe into the wereshark, sending him back to his human form and on death’s door. The party finished off the lizard and used a potion to stabilize the Druid.

The party rested for a while, then came to another room with an enormous six-armed snake creature opposed to a chained humanoid. Silas recognized the creature as some sort of demon.

In the next room the party found a magical puzzle encrusted with gems that was on a platform in the middle of a bottomless pit. Jillia walked out on a narrow stone walkway to the platform. The party watched Jillia frantically solving the puzzle and flipping a switch just seconds before the puzzle stopped ticking. When it clicked, a platform appeared around the edge of the room that the party used to continue their adventure.

The party came to a room with four snake statues with different colored lights in the middle of them. The party heard fighting from an inner room. The party disabled the lights, Parios and Jillia got zapped, and sections of the walls vanished in a flash of light. Inside the room a six-armed demon woman was attacking a gray-robed man, she finally cut the man in half just as Silas walked into the room. Silas parleyed with the demoness for a few minutes, as she stood over both halves of her victim, but Gilan and Parios got tired of the talking and attacked the demoness. Parios got the jump on her and slashed her several times. Gilan pulled out a piece of metal and used his magic to make the marilith’s armor glow white-hot, causing her to flail about. Silas hexed the demoness and a great axe appeared in his hands, like it was plucked from the shadows. He raised it back and tried to chop the demoness in half, but she parried his axe at the last minute with one of her six jagged blades.

The battle continued. Parios entered his rage and slashed at the demoness with Lightbringer. The white-hot armor distracted her, aided by the warlock’s curse, causing some of her swords to miss their mark, but the rest of them bit deeply into the barbarian. Jillia buried her arrows into the demoness as her snake tail constricted the great wood elf. Just as the snake’s tail was closing itself around Parios’ neck and he started gasping for breath, the gray-robed man stood up, suddenly whole again. He waved his hand and Silas started to glow with radiant energy. The party continued the fight, Parios with his sword and Jillia with her icy, magical bow. The demoness’ attacks were vicious, causing Gilan to channel his strongest healing energies to Parios and Jillia, while he still caused the demoness’ armor to burn against her skin. Silas’ eldritch bolts greatly turned the tide of battle against the demoness, aided by the silvery radiant light that surrounded him and mingled with his own powers. Finally, his bolts vanquished the demoness and she spiraled down to the abyss, but not before she shouted a curse at the warlock.

After the fight, the gray-robed man transformed into the deva, Andros. He told the party that he was sent to the island hundreds of years ago by Chauntea, the goddess of the harvest. He was sent to restore the balance on the island. He was stopped by the rival demoness that trapped him. He took the snake staff that Gilan had taken from the lizardman mage, transformed it into a staff of twisted wood, and handed it back to the druid. The party told the deva about their predicament with the green dragon and Silas’ patron.

May 2015 Session

The party tried to sleep and wait for Magazadu to return. However, during the night, they all had a vision of The Unnamed (Silas’ warlock patron). He said the party needed to destroy Magazadu’s prize instead of give it to the dragon. The Druid insisted on having the ability to defend themselves from the dragon. so they can protect the village after they betray prize. Silas’ patron agreed to provide aid when the time comes.

The next morning, the dragon came back to town and threatened to destroy the village if the party did not recover his prize. He brought the party some genius pterodactyls for them to ride. He said they had three days to accomplish their goals and gave them a magic dragonscale cell phone.

The party got to the City of the Gods; Gilan scouted it out in parrot form. They found a bunch of snake-like people with wrappings and green stuff on their skin. Silas disguised himself as one and the party snuck into the town, toward the only intact building. As the sun set, the eyes on the four snake pillars started glowing and the snake people started bowing and worshiping the statues. The party sprinted into the building and got confronted with a weird lock with two levers. Jillia figured out the lock, opened it, and they started going in. Six of the snake-folk challenged them, but Silas used his silver tongue to convince them he was doing “official business.”

The party got inside and found a pit/well with pulses of silver light that went along channels up the walls to the snake statues outside. The pit was surrounded by 12 lizards, and the party surprised them. Parios charged in, grabbed a lizard and used it to pummel another lizard into the pit. They both grasped the edge with their lizard-fingers, but Jillia helped them both fall into the pit. Silas webbed a pack of them and Gilan cast Faerie Fire on a couple. The battle continued. The lizards used poison weapons and gas on the barbarian, but he shrugged it off. A couple webbed lizards got free, attacked Silas and stabbing him in the kidney, but a strange glow protected him. The party caught the web on fire, of course. Gilan whipped a couple into the pit and they generally slayed everything, but one fled and pounded on the door before it died.

The party went down into the pit full of dead bodies and found an entrance to a tunnel. In the tunnel they heard a snake sound, but kept getting close to it, then far away. They used arcana to figure out the tunnel was enchanted, but only in the middle. They held close to the wall and everyone got through, except Gilan, who triggered a snake-trap and got hit by a poisonous dart.

The party found the room with the snake sound and foolishly decided to explore it. Inside they found one of the most feared beasts in all the lands, a medusa. Jilia was the first to spot the snake-headed monstrosity. Gilan summoned a pack of wolves to attack the creature and distract it long enough for the rest of the group to dispatch it. After a few tense rounds of combat, the medusa was killed, but not before a patch of poisonous gas appeared and killed most of Gilan’s wolves.

The party quickly found what they thought was the source of the cloud, the medusa’s twin sister. Both of Gilan’s remaining wolves tried to dispatch the snakeling, but a Yuan’ti stepped out and dispatched them with a magic spell. The barbarian, still strangely calm, charged the Medusa and Yuan’ti.

Swords slashed, arrows flew, and magical spells arced back and forth between the party and the snakelings. The Yuan’ti crafted magic and wielded scimitars that bit into Parios’ flesh. Silas, clinging to the ceiling like a spider, sent scorching rays at his enemies. Gilan unraveled the Yuan’ti’s magic and healed his compadres with scrolls and druidic energies. Jillia launched her deadly frozen arrows. Parios fought valiantly, dishing out vicious wounds to his enemies, but also suffered terrible injuries.

Finally, with the party scorched by lightning from the Yuan’ti’s magic, and bleeding from the Medusa’s arrows, Parios was unable to control his temper despite all his self-restraint. He let out a massive roar just as Gilan’s magical energies closed his wounds. The great barbarians’ muscles rippled as he crushed down upon the Yuan’ti’s reptilian head, splitting the monstrosities’ skull right between its reptilian eyes. Just then, with the final arrow from her quiver, Jillia sent an arrow through the Medusa’s throat, without even looking at the beast, and the party let out a sigh of relief.

After a brief respite, the party pressed forward. Coming upon a pit filled with poisonous serpents, Jillia decided to use her acrobatics skills to leap across and retrieve a nearby rope for the others. However, an invisible wall of force blocked the way, and she fell right in the middle of the pit. A few vipers managed to bite her, but Gilan used his power over nature to calm the snakes and clear the way. A pressure plate on the floor revealed a pole that the group could use to climb out of the pit, and at this point, the group felt a long rest was in order.


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